Virtual Field Trips as Scientific Teaching Methods

Virtual Field Trips as Scientific Teaching Methods

Since teaching scientific methods and illustrating how science exists in the “real world” you often take your science classes on field trips. The problem or challenge you may face is that one or more of the field trip locations may be out of your geographical reach. With such advancements in technology, this does not preclude a field trip as a learning option. It simply requires you to take a virtual field trip instead.


From webinars, teleseminars and a myriad of other options, you can virtually transport your students from the classroom to the location. From black hole and geological exploration to the ecosystem of the rainforest and Big Bend National Park, many universities, private organizations and science museums around the world offer you the opportunity to put your students in the heart of science without ever stepping outside of the classroom.

Save Time and Money While Supporting Learning

The time and expense of planning a field trip may even eliminate the option for taking advantage of local science teaching opportunities. Virtual field trips, however remove these obstacles from the equation. Virtual field trips offer a no- and low-cost option for teaching your students through a virtual trip to a far off location. Even if the virtual field trip requires your students to pay an “admission fee,” there is not the added expense of traveling on a school bus or chartering a bus or arranging another form of transportation to get there.
This is not to mention the amount of time that a virtual field trip can save for you and your students. With a virtual field trip, there is no need to load students on and off the bus or rush them through an exhibit or experience. This allows for more time enjoying the experience and learning rather than the time it takes to get to and from the location.

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