Teaching Science with Technology

Teaching Science with Technology

Today’s students are not like any other generation, kids today were born into technology and using sites such as YouTube and the Internet in general. While some adults are still learning how to use a computer, some should take lessons from a Kindergartner because they have been using computers since before some of them could even speak a complete sentence. If you use technology to get across your science lessons, you may actually get through to your students faster and easier than trying to use old fashioned teaching methods.

For example, on private academy uses YouTube to create and upload individual lessons. Students can access the lessons with a computer and Internet access on or off school grounds. So far, the academy has produced more than 1,200 of these video lessons and uploaded them to YouTube. The academy founder using this teaching method says the reach extends beyond the students of his academy, boasting the information reaches students in the Latin America, the Middle East, Uganda and Ethiopia and more than 100,000 students.

While recording short videos and making them available to your students on YouTube should not replace your other lessons, these videos can be a supplement to what you are teaching them in the classroom. Students can access the videos when and if they need to and move along with the learning process at their own pace. And, it is a teaching method that is absolutely free as long as you have access to a video camera or web cam to record.

In another science classroom, in another school, the teacher handed the video cameras over to the students and had them work in groups to conduct interviews. Instead of the teacher standing in front of the camera, it was the students who put together the video tutorials to share with each other.

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