Science Website Resource: Scitable Goes Mobile

Science Website Resource: Scitable Goes Mobile

The online resource for teachers, students and science lovers, Scitable, now offers a mobile version of its social networking website. Going mobile does require the Scitable website developers and content providers to adjust certain applications and resources to work properly in a mobile environment. It takes a concerted effort to ensure that no matter whether the website user is using a computer or a mobile device that they have access to rich content and applications to help promote their science learning.

While an iPad user essentially accesses the same online website that any user would access, the added advantages for iPad users include videos, audio files and interactive options available online to iPad users. Smartphone users such as those using an iPhone, Blackberry or Android, can access a version of the site that is optimized specifically for these versions. Although these phones are the optimal mobile devices for accessing the mobile version of the site, other mobile device users can also access a scaled down version of the mobile version of the website.

Certain features of the online version of the site are not available to the mobile users. Community involvement and interaction features, such as registering for mentorship programs, using “ask the expert” and creating networking groups are not available in the mobile version. For the rollout of the first mobile version, the focus is on providing access to content. Later versions will focus more on adding the interactivity of the site to the mobile version.

Vikram Savkar, who is involved in the website development says the site has already reached 500,000 students in more than 150 countries. By adding the mobile version of the site, the goal is to end up in front of millions of students. Savkar says that anyone with a cell phone can access the information the site has to share.

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