Ghana Opens its First Science Camp

Ghana Opens its First Science Camp

The Ghana Minister of Education, Alex Tettey-Enyo launched the first science camp in Ghana in August of 2010. The name of the camp is Science, Technology and Innovation Education (STIE) Camp. The camp curriculum was created for high school students and it seemed to be a popular option for high school students to spend their summer learning. The science camp drew 500 boys and girls to attend. The theme for the camp is set to create an equal balance between boys and girls with the interest and knowledge in science. The theme title is “Ensuring Gender Equity in Science, Technology and Innovation for a Better Ghana”.

The camp lasted for a little over two weeks and encouraged innovation by helping students to create their own inventions, spurred creative thinking and taught students how to apply their knowledge in science to real world applications. Alex Tettey-Enyo says that all students need some guidance through the field of science so that they can “participate actively as persons and responsible citizens”.

Tettey-Enyo went on to say that in order to right the imbalance between boys and girls when it comes to science, the camp helps to demystify science for girls, which creates less of an imbalance between boys and girls.

In addition to righting the imbalance, the camp was also developed to promote a competitive nature amongst students, provided opportunities for students to interact with one another and show off the skills and knowledge the students acquired in the science, technical and vocational programs available at the 15-day science camp. Since attending the camp comes from the motivation of students and parents, it provides the registrants with an opportunity to choose learning about technology and science. The camp curriculum also included tours and interaction with science teachers, scientists and other science experts, which served as role models for the students attending the camp.

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